Alexa Skills Challenge: Alexa Conversations Competition

Alexa Community India Aug 03, 2020

Recently Amazon Alexa organized virtual developer conference Alexa Live 2020 which we all were exited about. They announce a competition “Alexa Skills Challenge: Alexa Conversations” for developers to make an exiting Alexa Skill with the integration of Alexa Conversations (Beta). The competition is available on Devpost. Alexa Conversation (Beta) feature is only available to the EN-US locale.Prizes for this competition is over $100,000. There are total of 11 categories for Prizes. Prize categories are as given below.

  • Grand Prize ($20,000)
  • Finalist ($5,000) x 10
  • Best Food and Drink Skill ($2000)
  • Best Travel and Transportation Skill ($2000)
  • Best Productivity Skill ($2000)
  • Best Education and Reference Skill ($2000)
  • Best Game Skill ($2000)
  • Best Wildcard Skill ($2000)
  • Best Alexa Conversations Audio Skill ($2000)
  • Best Alexa Conversations Visual Skill ($2000)
  • Top 300 Participation Prize ($50) x 300

Also, selected winners will get a chance to be interviewed by Dave Isbitski on his Alexa Dev Chat podcast.The deadline for this competition is September 14, 2020. Finalists will be announced in late September and winners in October 2020.For more details about competition please visit:
For more details about Alexa Conversations please visit: for Competition & Get Started
Visit the Alexa Developer Console to enable the Alexa Conversations beta and publish skills in the en_US locale.

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